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Travelife & CBI


Travelife is a comprehensive programme initiated by European travel associations to help travel companies and their suppliers achieve sustainability through training, management, reporting and external recognition and certification.

CBI, an agency of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, encourages imports from developing countries by enhancing the capacity of individual companies and business support organisations. In the frame of its Sustainable Tourism Development Programme Asia 2013-2017, supporting the sustainable growth of tourism is a key CBI objective. CBI will facilitate PATA in its sustainability objectives through training and capacity building.

A Travelife/CBI partnership means that PATA members will have access to the Travelife sustainability training and management tools so that they can integrate socially and environmentally responsible practices into company operations.

PATA CEO Martin Craigs said: “PATA forecasts that international visitor arrivals in Asia will grow at 6.3% per year up to 2018. With Travelife internal procedures in place, tour operators and travel agents will be able to combine growth with sustainable, measurable practices.”

On signing the MOU in Zhuhai, China, May 2014, Ester Kruk, CBI Senior Programme Manager Asia, said: “Compliance with international CSR standards will increasingly become a condition of international business engagement. Companies complying with measurable sustainable standards will obtain better market access, especially to European markets.”

Naut Kusters, Manager for Travelife for Tour operators, said: “The support of PATA and CBI for Travelife is a historic step towards a sustainable travel industry. It will spread global CSR and sustainability standards and best practices amongst Asian tour operators. It will provide direction to committed tour operators and recognition for front runners.



Elephant Camp Animal Welfare and Sustainability Standard and Assessment Initiative

PATA acknowledges that elephants in Asia are indeed working animals, and that owning an elephant is an investment. Recognising that there is a growing rift between stakeholders regarding animal welfare, The Elephant Camp Animal Welfare and Sustainability Standard and Assessment Initiative has been developed.

The purpose of this initiative is to ensure that activities and experiences at elephant camps are conducted in a responsible way, understanding the increasing concerns from both informed travellers and animal rights groups.

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Travelife for Tour Operators Sustainability Training for Auditors & Advisors, Bangkok, Thailand

Training seminar: 24-25 August, 2017 – Bangkok, Thailand

The aim of this training is to:

  •   Acquire the knowledge and practical skills to enable you to support companies to carry out effectively, the integration of sustainability requirements into the daily operations of tour operators and travel agents.
  •   To provide you a basis to advise companies on how to comply with international sustainability requirements and how to report upon them in the Travelife online system.
  •   To provide the necessary skills to evaluate the degree of compliance in companies that have submitted the Travelife Report with the purpose of recognition (Travelife Partner) or certification (Travelife Certified).

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For more information regarding upcoming and past trainings, please contact Naut Kusters (Travelife) [email protected].


First tour operators in South East Asia to comply with UNEP-supported Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria


June 23, 2015, Bangkok – Khiri Travel and EXO Travel have become the first tour operators in South East Asia to receive the Travelife Certified award. The award was handed out by UNEP’s Programme Officer on Sustainable Consumption and Production, Ms Janet Salem, and PATA CEO Mario Hardy; and is in recognition of the long-term efforts and championing of these companies regarding sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The award was received by the Khiri Travel country branches in Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam and by the EXO country branches in Cambodia and Vietnam.

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