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The International Labour Organization (ILO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that supports work in member countries by providing a wide range of technical assistance related to labour issues and labour markets, including policy development, research, direct service provision, and private sector development support. Within this work, the ILO Enterprise Department is concerned with tapping the employment generation potential of the SME sector which in most countries accounts for the vast majority of firms and most new jobs. The ILO has developed considerable expertise, credibility, networks, tools and experiences in this area that can assist governments, employers, workers, the private sector and other development practitioners in their work.

Small Business Competitiveness (SBC) is a suite of training tools developed by the ILO which apply a community-based peer learning approach to entrepreneurship and business management skills. SBC and related ILO training programmes, such as Community-Based Enterprise Development (CBED), aim at providing countries across ASEAN a set of low cost training tools to develop and upgrade specific/micro and small businesses in common sectors, while boosting competitiveness and improving services provided to entrepreneurs throughout the value chain.

The SBC training tools designed for the tourism sector are based on analysis of different factors: commonality of practices across ASEAN countries, availability of distribution channels, opportunity of SME development, pro-poor and MDG linkages, as well as sound ILO experience in the sector and in the region. Training tools are provided free to download and a published under Creative Commons licensing to allow organizations the freedom to be creative in adopting and adapting the modules to the needs of your ongoing programs, and with other SBC and C-BED modules.

PATA is pleased to feature the ILO SBC Tourism Toolkit, available in six languages, on this sustainability website.