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Michigan bans bans on plastic bags, takeout food containers, styrofoam cups and just about anything else

Photo credit: Sarah Rice/Getty Images

Photo credit: Sarah Rice/Getty Images

Plastic bag bans are about a lot more than just banning plastic bags; A few years ago, Adam Sternbergh wrote a great article for New York Magazine, The Fight Over Plastic Bags Is About a Lot More Than How to Get Groceries Home, discussing bans on bans in Arizona:

Others see the skirmish as part of a larger war: The unending fight to combat government tyranny and protect the American Way.

Now the war has come to Michigan, where the state government has passed a law that bans bans on bags, prohibiting local governments from banning, regulating or imposing fees on the use of plastic bags and other containers. – By Lloyd Alter. Continue reading on Treehugger.