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Insetting rather than simply Offsetting your carbon footprint

Insetting rather than simply Offsetting

Image Source: theguardian

Almost everyone nowadays is familiar with carbon offsetting – but there are other ways, starting at grassroots level, to reduce and compensate for your businesses carbon footprint.

Have you heard of Insetting? Do you know how it works and how far it can be a better alternative to simply offsetting your carbon emissions at the end of the day?

Offsetting is an easy solution for organisations to demonstrate commitment to the environment, to ‘polish’ their image and to show they do consider the impact of their daily operations. It also demonstrates their willingness to pay back to the planet, for example by planting trees through a reputable third party.

Consider taking your step to another level by Insetting rather than simply Offsetting your Carbon Footprint.

By offsetting carbon emissions organisations are, essentially, only supporting environmental or social projects; they are not required to gain deeper insights into the causes they support. Insetting refers to the implementation of supportive agreements, projects and contributions internally, such as into the supply chain. This concept requires organisations to have more knowledge about the projects themselves and how their support reaches its target.

Plan Vivo and Pur Projet are two examples of sustainability standards, working to drive the powerful concept of Insetting that, in the long run, may benefit not only the environment but businesses as well.

Have a look at Plan Vivo’s Insetting User Guide for better understanding of how this concept can work.

And let Pur Projet explain further to you what Insetting is about!

Is ‘Insetting’ the New ‘Offsetting’? – published by ecometrica press