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India’s Edible Cutlery

It is this unending greed that is causing grief to all…. The groundwater levels are falling very rapidly Very soon, it will become unviable to lift any more of it. Its quality also has deteriorated and in several regions, it is no longer fit for drinking. The plastic invasion is continuing to bother us. The global warming is heating up the earth. Income from rural livelihood is diminishing, causing exodus of rural population to urban areas. This is causing pressures on urban resources. There are no places to live, no roads to drive safely and not too many jobs.

You can add to the list and it can go on and on…

But what is the point? Is it not time for us to start resolving the problems rather than ruing the problems? This is precisely why we invented the Edible Cutlery. By Mera Bharat Mahan. Read more.