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Here is why you should source food locally!

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Image Source: UCLA – IOES

All local foods are picked at their peak so they are far more tasty and appealing but also much more healthier. Since the food will be consumed in a shorter period, it has less time to lose its nutrients. Imported foods aren’t as fresh as they travel and spend time in warehouses so farmers need to add preservatives.

Buying local food serves local farmers as they receive the full retail price of their produce and do not have to pay for transportation, processing, packaging, refrigeration and marketing. This also helps the environment as transportation, processing and packaging pollute enormously for example: The average food item travels 1,500 miles before reaching our kitchens.

By supporting local agriculture you also ensure that farmers will not have to sell their land that provides ecosystem services such as wildlife habitats and supports local economies. A study published by The American Farmland Trust states that farms pay more taxes than the services they receive, enriching the local community.

In buying local produce, the proceeds remain in the community, as stated in the Times.

The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programme found that when food is purchased locally, twice the money remains within the local community. So buy local foods, found in the surrounding farms, farmers’ markets and some grocery and natural food stores.

Ten reasons to buy local food

Gastro tourism draws billions in revenue worldwide. Tourists travel specifically to experience national, regional and local foods. Food also occupies a major part of life in different countries. Supporting local food isn’t just economically and environmentally beneficial- it also sustains a culture. You can provide customers/tourists with tips on where to find restaurants who source food locally. There are various websites available that are listing these kinds of restaurants, including:

People do appreciate locally sourced food. Look at FAO’s guide on Understanding your Customers.

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