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How do you source your water?

water source

Image source: Arkitrek

In order to solve some of today’s most pressing concerns sometimes the answers are simple.

Look to what was done in ancient times as well as to local communities today, which still hold a strong connection to the natural environment.

The diminishing fresh water supply is undoubtedly one of the biggest issues facing the globe today, particularly in the wake of climate change. The tourism industry is a big user of water, often far surpassing the water use of locals nearby.

Although the initial setup costs for rainwater harvesting are medium to high, the on-going costs of maintenance are minimal and it is one of the most sustainable, quality sources of water, albeit dependent on rainfall levels.

There is also a strong business case for collecting rainwater. Kuoni recently published a Water Management Manual for Hotels in Thailand where, through their Water Champion Programme, they found that “harvesting rainwater from the roofs of the hotel allowed 2,000 cubic meters yearly saving, equivalent to 200,000 THB (6,297 USD) per year.”

The benefits are out there and tourism operators such as Loola Adventure Resort in Indonesia are already reaping the rewards. So why not take the first step by analysing the feasibility of a rainwater collection system for your business and if attainable, take action!

Have you thought about harvesting rainwater for your business, or are you already doing so? If yes – the team at PATA would love to hear from you. We showcase sustainability champions and their stories to inspire others as well as support you in your sustainability endeavors. Please submit your case studies here.