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What is a Green Meeting

What is a Green Meeting

Photo Credits: Green Hotelier

A “green” or sustainable meeting “is one designed, organised and implemented in a way that minimises negative environmental impacts and leaves a positive impact for the host community”, says the Green Meeting Guide, published by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

A sustainable event should:

  • minimise greenhouse gas emissions, including CO2, and compensate for unavoidable emissions;
  • minimise natural resource consumption and adapt demand to local supply;
  • avoid waste generation where possible and reuse/recycle remaining waste;
  • protect biodiversity, water, air and soil resources;
  • allow the local community to benefit economically, socially and environmentally;
  • encourage local sustainable development; and
  • increase the awareness of sustainability issues among participants, staff, service providers and the local community.
  • Despite pressure on businesses and organisations to cut costs, planners are increasingly being asked to minimise the impact of a meeting or event.

This trend reflects:

  • the growing demand by consumers, stakeholders and investors to see more responsible behaviour;
  • the rise in government incentives for businesses to reduce their carbon footprints; and
  • more organisations finding that green and CSR (corporate social responsibility) practices can save them money and strengthen the bottom line.

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