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Waste Management

Waste Management

Photo Credits: Green Hotelier

Why reduce waste?

It is increasingly difficult and expensive to dispose of waste
A hotel guest generates about 1kg (2lb) of waste per night, more than half of it in paper, plastic and cardboard. In addition to negative environmental impact, as landfill capacity diminishes, so the cost of waste disposal becomes more expensive. In the UK, for example, landfilling costs are now £48 per tonne (1.1 tons) compared to £18 a tonne in 2005.

It creates huge environmental problems
Landfilling not only takes up valuable land space but causes air, water and soil pollution, discharging carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane into the atmosphere and chemicals and pesticides into the earth and groundwater. In addition, waste often has to travel long distances to the landfill site, consuming fuel and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

To meet tougher government legislation
National and local governments are introducing more stringent requirements with regards to waste disposal to landfill and recycling, and the hotel industry must respond to these high green standards.

It is an inefficient resource use
Often it is more resource-efficient to make new products by recycling rather than starting from scratch. For example, recycling used aluminium tins into new tins requires 95% less energy than processing bauxite ore into aluminium. Many discarded materials, such as furniture and food, also have value.

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