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The Sustainable Bathroom

The Sustainable Bathroom

Photo Credits: Green Hotelier

Introduction to more sustainable bathrooms

Bathrooms make up a significant proportion of a hotel’s total water and energy consumption. According to the American Water Works Association, for example, a US hotel’s average water consumption is between 382 to 787 litres (84 to 173 UK gallons) per room per day, significantly more than the average US household daily use of 315 litres (69 gallons) a day.

It might help to explain why bathrooms have become a major focus for hoteliers looking not only to reduce costs but also to minimise their environmental impact. Belinda Try, executive director of bathroom designer Apaiser, says: “Bathrooms are emerging as a core opportunity for designers, developers and builders to create a more eco-aware environment.”

However, environmental concerns need to be balanced with the needs of guests. Debra Patterson, environmental ambassador at London’s The Savoy hotel, says that careful design, including bathroom design, was at the core of the property’s recent £200m refurbishment programme. The aim was to provide the exclusive facilities guests would expect while “seamlessly blending sustainability and luxury without compromising the product for our guests” (see Spotlight for Scarlet Hotel).

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