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The Power of Partnerships

The power of partnerships

Photo Credits: Green Hotelier

‘Two heads are better than one’ and ‘a problem shared is a problem solved’ as they say. How is the tourism industry partnering to find solutions to some of the world’s problems?

Taking a partnership approach is often the most effective way to find a successful lasting solution to a problem that achieves ‘buy-in’ from all parties. As in other industries, members of the tourism industry frequently form partnerships to help solve complex problems such as how to bring about more sustainable tourism development.

A key partnership mechanism is the Global Compact, an international multi-stakeholder initiative which brings companies together with UN agencies, governments, labour and civil society to support universal environmental and social principles. Participants are encouraged to engage in cross-sector partnerships in order to develop practical solutions for meeting the broader development objectives of the Millennium Development Goal (MDGs).

With specific regard to tourism, as far back as 1999, the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (UN-CSD) identified that sustainable tourism development ‘cannot be successful without a profound collaboration with all stakeholders’] It stressed the importance of involving small and large-scale tourism operators in solving problems; the participation of local residents in destination countries; the role of NGOs (in putting pressure on the industry and facilitating contracts); and the responsibility of governments (both in the destinations and where tourists and investors originate) to provide appropriate legislation for sustainable tourism development.
So, what are the global issues that relate to the tourism industry, what partnerships are in place to address them, and most importantly, what have they achieved..

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