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Sourcing Sustainable Food in Hotels

Sourcing Sustainable Food in Hotels

Photo Credits: Felin Fach (SRA member) vegetable garden

Why more hotels are switching to sustainable food policies and how to create a policy of your own

The importance of sourcing sustainable food may sound like an out of date topic. Surely, everyone knows the impact of food miles and the do’s and don’ts of food sourcing when it comes to fish, meats and seasonal products?

Well even if they do, there are several reasons why it’s important to keep up to date. Firstly, the rules of sustainable food sourcing are constantly shifting. Only recently did the Marine Conservation Society remove mackerel and gurnard from the list of ‘sustainable’ fish, leaving many confused about what fish it is now safe to eat.

Secondly, sustainable sourcing is becoming an increasingly pressing issue for businesses and governments as the fear of food shortages and crops being ‘wiped out’ by extreme weather events become increasing realities. Businesses are increasingly turning to the government for help in consolidating a sustainable and resilient food system by introducing taxes on unsustainable food practices.

And thirdly, customer demand for sustainably sourced food has never been stronger. Trust in food sources is becoming increasingly linked to the notion of sustainable and local sourcing – customers want to know more and more details about where food is coming from, and from this make a judgement about its quality. Customers want real information – not the faux stories about some dining experience – but information that offers ‘food transparency’.

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