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Song Saa: Private Island with Philanthropic Core

Song Saa Private island with philanthropic core

Photo Credits: Green Hotelier

Winning numerous sustainability awards, Song Saa in Cambodia is exemplar of how to create a truly sustainable island resort in South East Asia.

We recently spoke with Wayne McCallum and Ben Thorne from the Song Saa Foundation to find out how they have done it…

When did the island’s green initiatives start?

At the heart of our story stand Song Saa’s visionary owners Rory and Melita Hunter. When they first journeyed to the Koh Rong archipelago in 2005, they took inspiration from the beauty of the islands and the smiles and energy of the people. In 2008, when they starting building Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia’s first luxury coastal resort in the Archipelago, underpinning the development of the resort was a commitment to sustainability. Rory and Melita recognised a broad opportunity to create something that had philanthropic components at its core. Quickly, they established the country’s first government recognised marine reserve (the Song Saa Marine Reserve) and a community-sustained solid waste management centre; projects that have been followed by other new and creative initiatives. Now, the Song Saa Foundation (launched in September 2013) represents a culmination of eight years’ work and commitment to the Archipelago.

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