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Solar Power

Solar Power

Photo Credits: Green Hotelier

Why should you consider solar technology?

The hotel sector is energy-intensive. Using cleaner and cheaper energy sources will help to reduce operational costs and increase competitiveness and sustainability.

In the UK, the hospitality sector spends over £1bn every year on energy. It is responsible for producing 3.5m tonnes of carbon emissions per year, but if the hotel industry reduced its energy bill by 20%, it could save a combined £200m, according to the Carbon Trust, the UK’s leading authority on carbon reduction.

According to the US federal government’s Energy Star programme, US hotels spend an average of $2,196 per room each year on energy. Not only is that a significant expenditure, it requires the burning of huge amounts of fossil fuels.

An option for many businesses is to source their own energy and in most cases solar power is the only realistic alternative.

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