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Red Centre’s Green Hotel

Red Centre’s Green Hotel

Photo Credits: Green Hotelier

Uluru, (Ayers Rock), the world’s largest monolith, sits in the desert outback in the geographical heart of Australia. Helena Faith Miel, Environmental Consultant comments

It attracts visitors from all over the world wishing to experience the stark beauty of the desert and the 20,000-year old Aboriginal culture. Tourist accommodation for the area is provided by Ayers Rock Resort, which comprises of hotels, apartments, a lodge, camping grounds, a shopping centre and conference facilities.

Managed by Voyages Hotels and Resorts, Ayers Rock Resort was purpose-built in 1984 to blend in with the desert environment and to protect the area’s fragile eco-system.

The company signed on to the Australia Greenhouse Challenge programme and agreed to reduce its energy consumption, even though the resort has been expanding. In 2001, CO2, emissions were reduced by 13.2% through improved energy efficiency and conservation practices.

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