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Nikoi: Sustainable Private Island Luxury

Nikoi Sustainable private island luxury

Photo Credits: Holly Tuppen

Nikoi is a private island resort just 3.5 hours from Singapore but a world away; in one of Indonesia’s many nature-abundant enclaves of rainforest, tropical beaches and coral reefs.

The resort was recently shortlisted for the National Geographic World Legacy Awards and having been there, we’re not surprised. This is one of those places that manages to put nature and the environment high on the agenda without shouting about it. When staying at Nikoi, luxury and eco seem to go effortlessly hand in hand – so much of the Nikoi experience is about being part of its unspoilt natural environment – but we know that behind the scenes, there’s a serious commitment.  We spoke to Founder and Director Andrew Dixon about how green they really are.

When did you get started on green initiatives?

It started when we first bought the island. The whole design of the resort was about minimising the impact on the environment and engaging and working with the local community. Our design relies on natural ventilation something we believe is unique at our price point. Driftwood and alang alang grass were the primary building materials and very little concrete, glass, varnish, paint or other man made products were used in the build. The electrical loads in a standard room are less than 150W.

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