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Marriott Supports Education Initiatives in China

Marriott supports education initiatives in China

Photo Credits: Green Hotelier

Marriott supports Yao Foundation with $800,000 to build three ‘Hope’ schools in rural China

Marriott International has signed a three-year agreement with the Yao Foundation to support educational programmes for children in rural areas of China. The Yao Foundation is a charity organisation established in 2008 by former professional basketball star Yao Ming under the auspices of The China Youth Development Foundation. The charity aims to promote the all-round development of Chinese youth by providing them the opportunities to improve their education, sports skills, health and self-esteem.

When asked why youth is a priority for Marriott’s charitable contributions in China, the company stated:

Marriott International has a heritage of putting people first and opening doors to a world of opportunity for its guests, partners and associates. The key to making this happen is education, especially for the younger generations. The youth is the future of China which is playing a more important role in the global arena and Marriott feels it is important to support the youth and therefore the future of the country.

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