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Hotel Grounds and Gardens

Hotel grounds and gardens

Photo Credits: Green Hotelier

Why are hotel grounds and gardens important?

  • The hotel garden is where guests and visitors can relax, take exercise, dine and be entertained, as well as being a potential resource for produce and flowers. It can also provide a habitat for wildlife, shade and cool in hot climates, protection from wind and, in cities, a haven from traffic fumes and dust.
  • The grounds need to accommodate convenient areas for guest parking, for deliveries and collections and the storage of equipment. These need to be incorporated thoughtfully into the landscape.
  • Visitors and guests form their first (and often lasting) impression of the quality of your hotel establishment from the exterior of the building and the grounds in which it is set. An attractive, clean and wellmaintained appearance is a reassuring indicator of commitment to high standards within. Creatively designed, ‘inspirational’ gardens can influence whether a guest returns and/or recommends the hotel to others.
  • Using a sustainable approach for the planning and maintenance of gardens and grounds will benefit wildlife, reduce your costs and show your commitment to operating responsibly to guests and visitors.

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