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Hilton Worldwide Launch New Soap Recycling Project in Singapore

Hilton Worldwide launch new soap recycling project in Singapore

Photo credits: Green Hotelier

Hilton Worldwide, Soap Cycling, DHL Global Forwarding, and United World College South East Asia Students partner to launch soap recycling program in Singapore

On average, less than half a soap bar gets used by guests at the Hilton Singapore. In the meantime, thousands of underprivileged families in Asia – especially in South Asia – cannot afford to buy soap.  Furthermore, almost 600,000 children in South Asia die before their fifth birthday, because of infections like diarrhoea and pneumonia. It is for these reasons that access to adequate hygiene facilities is increasingly seen as a fundamental human right.

To try and answer this need, and reduce waste, Hilton Worldwide collaborated with Soap Cycling, Asia’s first soap recycling NGO; DHL Global Forwarding, leading provider of air, sea and road freight services in Europe and Asia; and a group of passionate students at the United World College to recycle its bars of soap.

Since June 2014, Hilton Singapore and Conrad Centennial Singapore have begun collecting used bars of soap from guest rooms. These soap bars are then picked up by DHL Global Forwarding, who transports them to Soap Cycling’s processing warehouse in Hong Kong. There, the soap is processed into new bars of soap. These are then transported by NGOs to vulnerable communities in the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, and other countries across Asia.

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