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Green Destinations: Singapore

Green destinations Singapore

Photo Credits: Gardens by the Bay; Holly Tuppen

This skyscraper filled city is not the first place you would think of when it comes to sustainable destinations. But watching young, fast-moving cities turn to the sustainable agenda is both important and pleasing, even if there’s a long road ahead.

Some of Singapore’s biggest hotels have very high standards when it comes to sustainability. Marina Bay Sands, for example, is the largest building in Singapore to be awarded the Green Mark Gold Award by the Building and Construction Authority. Last year it also hosted the Responsible Business Forum, which brought hundreds of CSR leaders from around Asia together to discuss pressing sustainability issues. This year a similar event, the Responsible Business Summit Asia, is taking place at the Novetel Clarke Quay, making Singapore a hub of CSR debate.


Singapore’s Intelligent Transport System, using technology to reduce congestion by sending real time traffic reports to taxis, has made the city one of the world’s least congested.  Efforts to reduce congestion also include offering free public transport pre-morning peak hours and increasing the overall public transport available.

Waste and water are also areas of innovation. The NEWater project has successfully addressed Singapore’s long term water shortage issues – by taking treated, used water and purifying it so that it’s safe enough to drink. The city also has four waste-to-energy incinerators, reducing waste volume by 90%.

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