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Community Targeted Recruitment in India’s Hotel Sector

Mr.Manjunan Serving the food to the guest in the restaurant at ONV

Photo Credits: Green Hotelier

New research by the City & Guilds Centre for Skills Development looks at how Indian hotels can improve recruitment and training to help marginalised individuals from local communities access employment. 

The report case-studied four hotels in Southern India that employ individuals from under-represented groups (such as local and marginalised communities) through unique recruitment and training programmes. Here’s a synopsis of the findings by Chris Gale, Porject Manager City & Guilds Centre for Skills Development.

The tourism industry has weathered the global economic slowdown, with reports suggesting that it now employs more than 255 million people across the globe as it continues to expand into new frontiers in the developing world. But with success comes fresh challenges. One particular issue is how to ensure that local communities are the beneficiaries of tourism growth through access to employment and work-related training.

In this context the City & Guilds Centre for Skills Development explored the experiences of three hotels in Kerala and Karnataka in Southern India, and found that their community targeted approach offers practical examples for the wider industry.

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