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Chiva Som: Focused On Well-Being for Guests & Environment

Chiva Som focused on well-being for guests and environment

Photo Credits: Chiva Som resort, Hua Hin, Thailand

Chiva Som is a wellness resort in Hua Hin on the gulf of Thailand. With a commitment to health and wellbeing they like to become a ‘Haven of Life’ for guests, but their commitment also extends to the health of the environment and community in which they operate.

Sustainable Development Manager Brian Anderson explains more.

Green Hotelier: Why is sustainability important to Chiva Som?

Brian Anderson: “We believe that a strong commitment to sustainability is required to compete in today’s increasingly globalised world, and good CSR practices should not be about how a company donates funds to philanthropic efforts, but rather how it generates revenue through responsible and ethical business practices, policies and initiatives to help grow and sustain our business while providing direct benefit to our stakeholders.

“As we believe personal wellness goes hand in hand with environmental wellness, we are committed to nurturing a healthy, safe and vibrant community to help sustain our organisation and grow into the future with a socially responsible and environmentally conscious approach.”

GH: When did you begin your CR work?

BA: “Chiva-Som implemented our Policy on Environmental & Social Sustainability in 2008 to guide operation decision-making to minimise our impact on the environment and work toward business sustainability.

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