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Banyan Tree Say Environment and Community Projects Are a ‘No Brainer’

Banyan Tree say Environment and Community Projects are a ‘no brainer’

Photo Credits: Green Hotelier

Banyan Tree’s first integrated resort in Central Vietnam is supporting and celebrating local culture with a range of projects.

Laguna Lang Co is Banyan Tree’s first integrated resort in Central Vietnam, and with a range of carefully researched community and environment projects rolling out over the next few years, the company is working hard to support and celebrate the local culture.

From an organic farm to a restaurant training and mentorship programme to supporting a local chocolate entrepreneur and a fishing village, Laguna Lang Co is keen to create good relationships with local people, and Banyan Tree Group Director CSR Operations David Campion says implementing these community initiatives, “is really a no-brainer.”

Campion says, “We work to support our local community for several reasons. Firstly, this is where our associates come from and we seek to provide job benefit beyond the scope of the contract, so kids grow up with an awareness of our brand values – hopefully assisting in the development of the next generation of associates. Secondly, this is the destination our guests come to see, and working to improve that destination increases the strength of our product and therefore its competitive advantage. And finally it creates good relationships and a positive working attitude with all local stakeholders and it increases the quality of life for those around us. We are in a position to enact this.”

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