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25 Years of Sustainability in India with ITC Hotels

25 Years of Sustainability in India with ITC Hotels

Photo Credits: Green Hotelier

ITC Hotels in India have been practicing sustainability since 1988. Green Hotelier caught up with Niranjan Khatri, General Manager WelcomEnviron Initiatives, ITC Hotels to discover more about their long history of green initiatives.

ITC Hotels in India is a bit of a pioneer when it comes to sustainability. What has influenced this? How has it come about?

ITC hotels took its first step towards becoming a green hotel chain in 1988, a long time before it became ‘popular’ for hotels to promote their eco credentials.

What is the business case for hotel chains to embrace sustainability?

Almost all industries in today’s world consider and implement the use of natural resource in their on-going daily operations. It’s no longer an option, it’s a must. Resources are not endless and we live in an over populated world. We must act now to secure a future for the next generation. ITC Hotels takes this very seriously, water consumption has been reduced by 60%,energy consumption by approximately 20% and five of ITC’s hotels have decarbonised their operations by using wind energy. In addition, ITC Hotels are the first chain to be certified platinum rated by US Green Building Council, a non-profit organisation dedicated to sustainable building design and construction.

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