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Employee Volunteering

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Have you heard about employee volunteering?  Have you considered initiating a volunteer program in your organization?

Employee volunteering is when companies let their people take on voluntary tasks in communities that result in leaving a positive and lasting impact. It is not a new concept, in fact, more and more companies are recognising the value of what their people can give back – as it is true that employees are what makes the company and are the ones who deliver what they stand for. Volunteering is also a very effective and powerful form for businesses to invest in their staff as well as local communities, since it can be credited to the company’s enacted social responsibility.

Benefits of Employee Volunteering include the development and enhancement of employees’ professional and leadership skills. In bullet points this means:

  • Employee development
  • Encouraging teamwork
  • Improved communication
  • Building brand awareness
  • Improved employee retention
  • Providing subject matter for corporate content creation

The three core benefits to a company with employees who volunteer are (1) Improved Employee Engagement, (2) Strong Recruitment of Younger Employees, and (3) Improved Corporate Visibility. Learn more about each benefit on Fronstream’s blog.

Visit employee volunteering for more information and see some examples here.