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A community tourism training project, CBT Vietnam, in the Sapa region of Northern Vietnam operated by Capilano University (Canada) and Hanoi Open University (Vietnam), and supported by the PATA Foundation.


Three studies examined kangaroos as an image/icon for purposes of marketing Australia. The study focused on the American market, with some extension into the United Kingdom market.

by Brad Hill, Trevor Arthurson and Laurence Chalip


Kangaroos in the Marketing of Australia: potentials and practice

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“Sustainability” has been a buzzword for at least the past two decades, a fuzzy term that seems to refer to just about anything a person, group or government agency does that is perceived as good for the environment.

But there are organizations that have developed some hard and fast definitions of sustainability, chief among them the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, which started as a program of the United Nations before going off on its own. Richard Anderson. Read more.



Traveling comes with a high environmental cost. But many people who care about the environment still want to be able to see the world. Could virtual – or virtuous – travel be the answer? Oliver Balch. Read more.
virtual London Eye



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Offset: The process of counterbalancing or compensating for another process (see carbon offset) (GSTC). 


By the end of our time in Southern Africa, we thought we were African safari gurus. I mean, what first-time Africa travelers go on over 40 safari drives in one visit? From Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta, to Kruger Park proper and the surrounding wildlife reserves, we thought we knew the drill. Then we went to Tanzania, and our whole concept of how a safari works went straight out the window. There are some big differences, and advantages and disadvantages to both. By Emily Deemer. Read more.

Photo: Eric Rock


MGM Goes Green: C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett

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Bloomberg’s Jeffrey Hayzlett travels to Las Vegas to talk with the executives at MGM about their new mission to go Green. CEO Jim Murren tells Hayzlett why his casino company decided to build the largest LEED certified building in America.

Originally published as MGM Goes Green: C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett by Bloomberg.