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Discover a variety of tips to improve the sustainability of your tourism business.

Take a sustainable coffee break!

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World Day to Combat Desertification was June 17, with this year’s slogan being, “No such thing as a free lunch. Invest in healthy soil.” One thing we can do to invest in healthy soil is to make sure our coffees and teas come from fair and sustainable sources. And the best part is, tea leaves and coffee grounds can be composted after use – they make excellent fertilisers and contribute to healthy soil.

Here are some tips to make your next coffee break a sustainable one.


Keep cool in summer without blasting the air conditioning!

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With summer just around the corner, here are some ways to help you keep cool without blasting the air conditioning (which, by the way emits millions of tonnes of CO2 annually). Read about how you can keep yourself cooler at home and in general.
Learn more about the impact of air conditioning on your business and how you can optimise efficiency.

At All-You-Can-Eat Buffets, Take Only What You Can Eat!

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All-you-can-eat-buffets! Reducing Food Waste at Events

Image source: Sustainable Event Management

All-you-can-eat buffets are offered in hotels, restaurants and at various events, also at the PATA Annual Summit in Leshan next week.

If you are planning or organizing an event, reduce food waste!  Here’s a quick checklist of actions you can take to avoid or reduce food waste at your event.

For more information about how you can prevent food waste and reduce costs, please contact PATA member, LightBlue Environmental Consulting.


Waste disposal is expensive – for your pocket and for our planet, our only home.

ed_DSC0499_lowAccording to Green Hotelier’s “Waste Management,” a hotel guest generates about 1kg (2lb) of waste per night, more than half of it in paper, plastic and cardboard. In addition to negative environmental impact, minimizing the amount of waste a business produces is important because waste has rising cost implications in both disposal and initial purchase, if the materials are not used. As described by Green Hotelier, in the UK, for example, landfilling costs are now £48 per tonne (1.1 tons) compared to £18 a tonne in 2005.

Tourism operators generate a range of different wastes. The size and type of operation will influence how much waste is produced. The location of the tourism operation will also affect the impact its waste has on the surrounding community and environment. By considering the availability of possible reuse and recycling options, we help reduce waste to landfills.

Reducing the amount of waste is one of the simplest and most effective ways for tourism operators to both reduce their environmental impact and improve their bottom line. Here are some more resources to help you start: