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White rhinos graze on a ranch belonging to John Hume, one of the rhino farmers who sued to overturn South Africa’s ban on the domestic sales of rhino horn. PHOTOGRAPH BY WALDO SWIEGERS, BLOOMBERG/GETTY


It will soon be legal to buy and sell rhino horn within South Africa. The country’s constitutional court dismissed an application to appeal from the government to keep a ban on the trade in place, the South African government confirms.

This ends a lengthy legal battle that pitted rhino owners, who farm rhinos like livestock and want to be able to sell their reserves of rhino horn once again, against the government’s Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), which placed a moratorium on the trade in 2009 after a jump in poaching. Lower courts have sided with the rhino farmers, but the ban remained in place as the government’s appeal worked through the courts. Knowing that it may lose, the government began preparing for legalization earlier this year by issuing new draft regulations to govern the trade. They say that anyone with a permit will be able to buy and sell rhino horns and that foreigners will be allowed to export a maximum of two horns for “personal purposes.”

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Wilderness, South Africa

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Wilderness – a company which has long been recognised for its pioneering conservation through tourism work – has further matured its successful sustainable tourism business model by becoming listed on the Africa Board of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Using the “4Cs”, they integrate and monitor Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce across all sectors of the company.





Gugu gathers turtle data










The Bushcamp Company, Zambia

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Established in 1999, The Bushcamp Company operates six tented camps and the Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park. By implementing a per guest per night conservation fee, it works closely with local community and conservation organisations to develop projects that help conserve wildlife resources, support education, and generate a sustainable source of income for the local people who live around the park.



Adventure travel and wildlife safari specialist &Beyond operates 32 lodges in six countries (five one the African continent, and in India). Over the past 21 years, its holistic business model based on “caring for the land, its wildlife, and its people” has played an integral role in making long-term contributions to conservation where they operate. Focusing their core efforts on sustainable tourism, including habitat restoration and management, wildlife conservation, and empowering local communities, each &Beyond initiative is carefully planned to suit the area where they operate.



Grootbos Nature Reserve

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South Africa’s Cape Floristic Region is the smallest of the world’s six floral kingdoms. Yet despite covering just 0.5 % of Africa, the region is home to nearly 20 % of the continent’s flora. The luxury lodge Grootbos manages 2,500 hectares in this region, with 785 indigenous plant species recorded on the reserve, of which 117 are species of conservation concern and seven endemic to Grootbos. Meanwhile it has designed its stewardship of the land to also bring uplift to impoverished communities that live nearby. 95% of its staff comes from these communities. Its Growing the Future project provides skills development in organic agriculture, sustainable animal husbandry and beekeeping. And its GreenBox planting system enables 200 households to produce their own food.

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The traditional skill of tracking is an indigenous art form which the Tracker Academy has revived. A need was recognised not just in South Africa, but across its borders too and so the Academy was born out of The Peace Parks Foundation , an organisation set up to enable cross border conservation. They recruit from rural communities, offer full bursaries and have a 97% employment rate for graduates. Each a source of pride for principal trainer Renias Mhlongo: “We had a dream to find people who are not educated, bring them into the bush and teach them about nature and tracking.” Not only has this dream come true, but the vision to become cross border custodians of wildlife has too.

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Asilia Africa

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As it enters its tenth year of business, Asilia Africa boasts a Big Five that is about so much more than wildlife. Community, conservation, capacity, certification and commitment are five core principles running through Asilia. With thirteen properties in Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique, it employs 600 people and operates in critical conservation areas where both wildlife and local economies are under threat.

By investing in conservation economies Asilia merits not only its high rating by the Global Impact Investing Ratings System and B Corporation but also its status within a growing community of conscious companies to watch, learn from and invest in.

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The Makuleke Experience in South Africa — Sustainable Tourism and Community Based Natural Resource Management

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Project Name: Training and Support for Resource Management (Transform), South Africa

Destination: Makuleke/Pafuri, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Partners: Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT) and
South African National Parks Board (SANParks)

by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH


Makuleke Experience in South Africa

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