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Break up this Valentine’s Day

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There’s no reason to delay the inevitable. No more I-will-do-it-next-week’s, no more I-know-I-should-do-it’s – it’s about time to end the toxic relationship so many of us are still in. For Valentine’s Day, UN Environment is urging everyone to ‘break up’ with single-use plastic.

Ironically, Valentine’s Day is among the most popular days to break up – whatever your feelings are about this day, make it your own this year by taking the opportunity to show your commitment to the environment. Help our oceans and join the #CleanSeas campaign by taking the pledge!

Let’s put our hands to our hearts and get rid of the illusion that there will be better times with single-use plastic, that there will be a “happily ever after” in this relationship. Deep down we all know that it was a “one-night stand” and that plastic straw or water bottle or cutlery will never call you to see how your day is going. It’s time to end this romance. Trust us, you will feel so much better afterwards.

If you have ended your relationship during FREEcember already, encourage someone else around you to do the same.

You can also read our tips on how to celebrate a romantic Valentine’s Day responsibly and get ideas for green gifts. There are many ways to enjoy an eco-friendly Valentine’s Day, so be inspired.