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5 Tips to be a responsible green delegate

5 Tips to be a responsible green delegate

Just in time for PATA Travel Mart 2016 in Jakarta, here are 5 Tips that you should consider to be a more responsible green delegate.

1. Reduce your carbon footprint that would arise due to your attendance at an event. To keep your impact as small as possible use provided shuttle services, carpooling or public transportation to go to the venue of the event and to move around the destination it is held at.

Have a look at these to green tips to get a better idea on how to reduce your footprint:

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2. Refuse superfluous paper usage. Don’t accept any paper materials, such as brochures or other informational material that you don’t necessarily need or/and that you could actually get in a digital version or look up online.

3. Refillable water bottles should be your travel companions and you should bring one along when you visit an event. Watch out to rather get water from water stations than accepting being handed numerous plastic bottles over the period of your stay.

4. Recycle your badges and any handouts or brochures that you might receive during the event but have no use for once it’s over. You can speak to the organisers and ask where you can hand in these materials so they are gathered in one place and can be handed to recycling all together at the end of the event.

For the three points above you can get a general overview of green and sustainable events here:

Having Your Event be Green and Sustainable

5. Remember to buy local during your stay at the destination the event you’re attending is held at. This benefits the local economy and community, and supplies that can be bought locally can include, for example, souvenirs, food and beverages.

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