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A sustainable start – teaching sustainability at home

Credit: Shutterstock

Credit: Shutterstock

Living green isn’t difficult, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a “lifestyle choice” either. It’s something that can be easily turned into habit, and something that can be easily taught at home.


If we can teach our children, then they – and their children – can have a greater chance of inhabiting this planet for generations to come.


Here are some tips for teaching and practicing sustainability at home:


  1. Lead by example: practice simple measures at such as turning the lights off when a room is not in use, separating waste, taking shorter showers, and spending more time outside. Get some ideas on sustainable everyday life choices from our last Green Tip of 2017.


  1. Make it ubiquitous: conscious consumption in the home is one way to ingrain sustainable practices. If buying local or second hand is prioritized, children will surely follow suit – we know well that brand loyalty starts young! If you must buy “new” here are some green toys that kids will love.


  1. Make it fun. Learning (and teaching) is much easier when it’s fun. Here are some ideas for experiments, crafts, and activities that can create a lasting impact.