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Recycle Me: Leaving an Environmental Legacy


Leaving this world a better place than you found it. Green burials or funerals offer an alternative for remembering those you love in a sustainable way. Truly giving back to nature and turning death into life may seem morbid, but is something to think about nonetheless — have you thought of how and what will happen to your remains after you die? Have you thought about what kind of legacy you would like to leave?

Returning to nature

A green funeral is an alternative burial method that incorporates environmental philosophy through preservation of natural habitats, and consideration of space. Natural, organic, “back to the land” burials are becoming more popular, with several different options both on land at sea that can make a positive environmental impact.

Green burials allow us to return naturally to Earth. Bios Urn and Capsula Mundi offer ways for ashes and corpses to grow into tress. Eternal Reefs transform cremated remains into something that helps to create new marine habitats for sea life.

Here is some additional information on how you can leave an environmental legacy:

Pre-planning your funeral

Make your choices and let your friends and family know exactly what you want in a will. Seek advice of your ideal sustainable burial with trusted deputies who will carry out your wishes. Check out these useful links for planning and facilitation of your green burial:

Green funeral home

Some funeral homes consider the environment; check out certified green funeral homes options at Green Burial Council. There are also sustainable and biodegradable shrouds, eco-friendly caskets or urns.